Look Ma, I’m eating bugs!!

Annnnd it’s a new day and a new chance to get it right. Starting with oatmeal. I like the PC cricket powder in my oatmeal, along with dried fruit and walnuts. It’s a good kinda nutty flavour.

I’m definitely interested in trying more insects. I just found out about a place in the beaches that serves them. Put that on the bucket list.

Insects are environmentally sustainable, tasty, and a great source of protein. My main problem is not getting enough protein. I’d never have that problem with carbs!! I eat mostly vegetarian meals.

I’m getting hungry now. Must be lunchtime. The day’s most difficult meal. Dare I trek off to the grocery store in this?

Or do I just eat yogurt and set myself up for ordering more pizza? Oh wait a sec! I have pizza. Never mind. Not the healthiest choice, but it’s there.

Now get in my belly!!!


Snowy Sunday

There’s a proper storm going on outside. Luckily, I’m in my warm bed and don’t have anywhere pressing to go until Tuesday.

The wind is exploiting every little crack in this house, whipping through like a freight train. The screaming drone shakes the walls around me as it chills the air.

I am glad to be inside.

It’s a mid-April Sunday afternoon and there is an ice storm going on here in my little slice of Canada.

It’s a good day to write.

I’ve been going to a writers’ group weekly and that is really helping me get out of a rut. It’s good to write again.

I write by hand there. I’m writing this on my phone. I plan to write my first book on my laptop. The medium doesn’t matter. Only the words matter. And it’s about time they start coming out.

Hello Again

Hello internet. I’m back again. I’ve gotta say, I’m in a much better place now. So, let’s talk.

Let’s talk about health. Mental health. Reading back on what I’ve written here, I realize just how far I’ve come. It hasn’t been easy. It’s still a struggle. But, it’s a struggle I’m winning.

I don’t believe it will ever be easy. Not really. Some days are better than others, but it’s still hard. I’ve been doing this thing lately where I take my own advice. I’ve been active in taking care of my mental health, practicing gratitude and doing things I enjoy. It’s working.

I feel better than I have in years!


So, I’m sitting in my parents’ backyard and looking up at the sky and thinking how nice it is to see so many stars again. It’s never dark enough in the city to see how small you are. It’s never dark enough to really rest.

I saw a shooting star tonight. I couldn’t think of a wish to make. It happened too fast and I thought too long and missed my chance when my mind derailed into thinking of ways to cheat the bullshit wish system with things like fallen eyelashes and birthday candles. Can I make a wish everyday? Wish for a thousand more wishes? Like that hunk of rock in the sky, they’re going nowhere anyway.

So here I am in this tiny little town looking up at the big sparkly sky and, wouldn’t you know it, I saw a second shooting star. So I wished for peace.

Not for the world, just for me.

Just for tonight.