Look Ma, I’m eating bugs!!

Annnnd it’s a new day and a new chance to get it right. Starting with oatmeal. I like the PC cricket powder in my oatmeal, along with dried fruit and walnuts. It’s a good kinda nutty flavour.

I’m definitely interested in trying more insects. I just found out about a place in the beaches that serves them. Put that on the bucket list.

Insects are environmentally sustainable, tasty, and a great source of protein. My main problem is not getting enough protein. I’d never have that problem with carbs!! I eat mostly vegetarian meals.

I’m getting hungry now. Must be lunchtime. The day’s most difficult meal. Dare I trek off to the grocery store in this?

Or do I just eat yogurt and set myself up for ordering more pizza? Oh wait a sec! I have pizza. Never mind. Not the healthiest choice, but it’s there.

Now get in my belly!!!


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